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The Studio & Gallery

Glimpse into a working artist studio, find Gallery Owner & Artist Deidre Blair working & painting in her studio on Exchange Street.

The Three Sisters Gallery pays homage to the welcoming and supportive community Deidre has found in New Hampshire's North Country. Deidre named the gallery after the Three Sisters Garden,. a gardening practice of planting 3 sister crops (corn, beans, and squash) side by side. Sown together, these crops provide support, nutrients, and a perfect environment for growth. Just as each of these crops sustains the other, the arts the artist, and the community are Three Sisters as well...each contributing to and nourishing the other.

It is Deidre's wish that this gallery and studio is a welcoming and supportive space for the arts, artists, and all who find their way inside its doors!

Acrylic on canvas 40x30 2020Deidre paint
Acrylic on canvas 40x30 2020
Deidre painting in her studio
by Ava Jackson

The Artist

Deidre Blair, also known as Deidre Noreen, holds a BA in Studio Art from Portland State University, Portland Oregon. She works primarily in oils and her shortlist of influences includes the natural world, folk art, iconography, and many many working artists.

She Feels the Winds of Change
Oil on Canvas 2020

Deidre Noreen
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